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WOD of 03.01.2013

For Time:
– Overhead Walking Lunge, 25yds 45/25lbs

– Sprint back 25 yds to start line

– 25 Pushups

– Sprint 25yds back to your weight

– Overhead walking lunge, 25 yds

– Sprint back 50 yds to starting line

– 50 Air squats

– Sprint back 50 yds to weight

– Overhead walking lunge, 25 yds

– Sprint 75 yds back to starting line

– 25 Burpees

– Sprint 75 yds back to weights

– Overhead walking lunges, 25 yds

– Sprint 100 yds back to starting line

– 50 air squats

– Sprint back to weights

– 100 yd farmers carry back to starting line


WOD of 02.01.2013

Today the weather was a bit cold but the wod pumped so much blood that i felt that i was going to burn.

Warming: (2 rounds)
100 mt jogging back-forth
30 jumpin’ jacks
10 squat
10 push up
10 mnt clmb


20 KB swing 1.5 pood
20 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
19 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
18 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
17 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
16 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
15 burpees

My score is 18:05.

After this work out i performed second exercises for the core. Today i did “Hello Darlings”. Just lie down on your back with your hands under your butt and your head up. Keeping ypur legs straight and together, lift your feet 30 cm off the ground then open ypur legs as wide as possible. i did 50 rep per set (totally 4 set)

By the way, i found an interesting clip of Polish olypic weightlifters that shows their training. Clip is belong to 1970. Seeing old school techniques is very interesting. You can access the clip from

Recently, I bought a 24 kg (1.5 pood) kettlebell to enhance the level of independency to the box. Here is what i have :

Z-Bar with olympic load head (exactly for biceps – triceps but it is also good for thruster and can be used for front squat also)
A pair of kettlebel (8kg each)
5kg medicine ball
40 kg total weight plate
24 kg kettlebell
ripcord black sniper edition resistance band set.

Let’s get down to WODs…

@29.12.2012 i run 18 km. 14 was ok but last 4km i continously feel pain on the side of my knees. I think, i forced to much my knuckles by running with heels. I know that i must run “football-first” technique. It is hard but can be learned.

today (30.12.2012) the WOD is named as “Jack Bauer” it consist of decreasing numbers (21-18-15—3) KB Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (KBSDHP) and increasing numbers KB Swing (3-6-9—21) My score is 13:50. Because of having an injured knee, i didn’t push myself to the my breaking point. I made it slowly, rightly and accurately.

After KBs, i performed biceps curl with kettlebell (4*10) and hammer (with blue ripcord), tricep extension, dips and 75*4 flutter kicks.

WOD of 22.12.2012

Despite the fact that we run out of time according to Maya calendar, for the God’s sake we are all still alive and can perform or WODs 🙂

Today’s wod is a bit long and tough:


50 Hang power clean
25 box jump
25 wallball (9kg)
50 Hang clean
25 box jump
25 wall ball
50 sit up

It took 49min 30 sec of me. It is longer than i thought. I deliberately did the cleans very slowly just to master the technique. For this reason i hold the bar very close too me, while doing that, unfortunately i harshly scratched my right lower leg, shinbone. It bled a little but bulged and gave too much pain. It affected my pace.

WOD of 08.12.2012 & 09.12.2012

Yesterday i did a mixed work out. First i did a strength work out by trying to reach my max. at bench press. I did 5 – 5 rep at 80, 3 – 3 rep at 90, 2 – 2 at 95 and finally 1 -1 at 100 kg. I know that it is not impressive 🙂 After strength work out, i performed really tough WOD which i derived a military crossfit site. WOD’s is 5 wallclimb, 10 knees to chest and 15 box jump, 20 min AMRAP. Wallclimb really broke me. It is hard…

Today, at 8 am in the morning, i performed WOD 1500. Here is the WOD:

100 jump rope
10 burpees
10 sit up
10 push up
10 squat
10 pull up (military pull up, instead of regular one)

The result is not bad. 34min 20 sec. After completing this work out, I did 4*10 biceps curl, 4*10 hammer, 4*10 triceps extension and 4*10 triceps hammer with ripcords.

Met-Con work out list

This morning I attach new pdf file. It is a list of metabolic conditioning workout which I found on the net. It’s useful and gives you chance to tailor your work out according to your available equipment.Metabolic Conditioning Work Outs

15 deadlift * 15 push up, 10 RFT

Tonight, weather is pretty cold here in Istanbul. I did an open air work out consist of 10 rounds of 15 deadlift and 15 push up. As a part of my wod at home intention, i bought elastic resistence bands from a couple of weeks ago. Today I had a chance to test’em. I used black ripcords which applies you resistence up to 50 lbs. 

Deadlift with ripcords is a bit different than regular deadlift. You have to bend until your body becomes parallel to the ground while you keep your legs as straight as possible. Then you pull yourself squeezing your hips and core.

I did my ten rounds at 19 min 30 sec. and ripcord has passed the exam.