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WOD of 15.01.2013

Today’s OWD just killed me… :S

4 rounds for time of

20 * pull ups

15 * jump knee tucks

15 * KB swings (1.5 pood – 24 kg)


score is 16:00 (in fact 15:50 but i wanted to make it simple 😛 )



here are the projected wods for tomorrow


15 min AMRAP

10 Double Under (DU)

10 Push Up

10 KB sumo deadlift high pull


and the day after tomorrow…


5 rounds for time
50 ft Overhead Walking Lunge 45 lbs (i’ll do it with my 24 kg kettlebell)
21 Burpees


WOD’s of 12.01.2013 – 13.01.2013

The last two day i pushed my limits. Saturday was the day of my 1.5 pood kettlebell. WOD is



KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Air Squat

KB Swing

Push Up.


Explosive movement of my leg in KB SDHP left a burning sensationon my hamstrings, it is good… because no pain no gain…


Today’s wod (13.01.2013) is the Hero one.




Six rounds for time of:
24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Walking lunge steps
Run 400 meters


and who is Loredo?


from crossfit.com, “U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo, 34, of Houston, Texas, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on June 24, 2010 in Jelewar, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife, First Sergeant Jennifer Loredo; his daughter, Laura Isabelle; his stepdaughter, Alexis; and his son, Eduardo Enrique.

first wod’s time is 19:20 while the second one is 28:30


Below, there are definitions of 8 important elements of fitness. (Source: Mark Lauren, You are your own GYM)

MUSCULAR STRENGTH: Your ability to exert a force through a given distance. Muscular strength can be determined by the difficulty of an exercise that you are able to perform for a single repetition. For example, if Jane, with maximal effort, can perform one Classic Push Up and Tarzan can perform a Handstand Push Up, then Tarzan has greater muscular strength.
POWER: The amount of force you can exert in a specific amount of time. Power = Work/Time. If Tarzan and Jane are both able to perform only one Pull Up with their maximal efforts, but Jane is able to perform that one Pull Up faster, then she has more power even though they have the same strength.
MUSCULAR ENDURANCE: How long you can exert a specific force. Jane and Tarzan could compare their muscular endurance by seeing who can hold the peak position of the Pull Up the longest.
CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE: Your body’s ability to supply working muscles with oxygen during prolonged activity. Jane and Tarzan challenge and improve their cardiovascular endurance by performing 200 non-stop Squats together.
SPEED: Your ability to rapidly and repeatedly execute a movement or series of movements. If Jane can do 45 lunges in 30 seconds and Tarzan can do only 25, then Jane has greater speed.
COORDINATION: Your ability to combine more than one movement to create a single, distinct movement. For example, performing a simple jump requires that you coordinate several movements. The bend at the waist, knees, and ankles and then the correct extension of those joints must all be combined into a single movement. Your ability to combine these movements, with the proper timing, into one movement determines your coordination, and in turn, how well you can do the exercise.
BALANCE: Your ability to maintain control of your body’s center of gravity
FLEXIBILITY: Your range of motion. If Jane, while doing a squat and using good form, can go down until her butt touches her heels, and Tarzan can only go until his thighs are parallel to the ground, then Jane has greater flexibility

wod of 10.01.2013

Finally i did today’s wod… it was tabata and as always it hit me… Results :

Tabata Air Squat reps: 19-18-17-17-18-17-15-16
Tabata Sumo Squat reps: 17-17-16-17-16-16-14-14
Tabata Push Up: 21-16-12-10-7-8-5-9
Tabata Sit Up: 12-16-15-17-14-14-14-14

after these work-outs, i did dips with my iron bar 6*15 approximately 15 sec between sets.

WOD of 09.01.2012 & 08.01.2012

Nowadays we are struggling heavy snow weather in istanbul.. temperature is below zero day&night. But it didn’t stop me doing work-out.

@08.01.2012 because of the heavy snow i did work out at home. Here is the wod:

70 air squat with 5 kg medicine ball
30 push up
70 sumo squat with 5 kg medicine ball
30 military push up
35 bulgarian squat (left)
35 bulgarian squat (right)
30 close grip diamond push up
70 air squat
30 dive bomber push up
70 sumo squat
30 push up

time is 18:20
it really kicked my ass.

@09.01.2012 i was in the park next to my home, performed wod in the snow. It was fun but i think i’ve got a bit of a cold… my feet felt the ice!!!

WOD is..

15 Kettlebell swing (1.5 pood – 24 kg)
15 goblet squat with 24 kg kettlebell…
1 Kettlebell swing (1.5 pood – 24 kg)
1 goblet squat with 24 kg kettlebell…

time is 19:40.

I don’t know the exact reason but probably because of working-out in the park, i felt a strange strain on my back.

after the wod, did some pull ups…

And today is the tabata day…

WOD of 05.01.2012


rep of pull up and burpees

19:20 min.

WOD of 03.01.2013

For Time:
– Overhead Walking Lunge, 25yds 45/25lbs

– Sprint back 25 yds to start line

– 25 Pushups

– Sprint 25yds back to your weight

– Overhead walking lunge, 25 yds

– Sprint back 50 yds to starting line

– 50 Air squats

– Sprint back 50 yds to weight

– Overhead walking lunge, 25 yds

– Sprint 75 yds back to starting line

– 25 Burpees

– Sprint 75 yds back to weights

– Overhead walking lunges, 25 yds

– Sprint 100 yds back to starting line

– 50 air squats

– Sprint back to weights

– 100 yd farmers carry back to starting line


WOD of 02.01.2013

Today the weather was a bit cold but the wod pumped so much blood that i felt that i was going to burn.

Warming: (2 rounds)
100 mt jogging back-forth
30 jumpin’ jacks
10 squat
10 push up
10 mnt clmb


20 KB swing 1.5 pood
20 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
19 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
18 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
17 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
16 burpees
20 KB swing 1.5 pood
15 burpees

My score is 18:05.

After this work out i performed second exercises for the core. Today i did “Hello Darlings”. Just lie down on your back with your hands under your butt and your head up. Keeping ypur legs straight and together, lift your feet 30 cm off the ground then open ypur legs as wide as possible. i did 50 rep per set (totally 4 set)

By the way, i found an interesting clip of Polish olypic weightlifters that shows their training. Clip is belong to 1970. Seeing old school techniques is very interesting. You can access the clip from

Recently, I bought a 24 kg (1.5 pood) kettlebell to enhance the level of independency to the box. Here is what i have :

Z-Bar with olympic load head (exactly for biceps – triceps but it is also good for thruster and can be used for front squat also)
A pair of kettlebel (8kg each)
5kg medicine ball
40 kg total weight plate
24 kg kettlebell
ripcord black sniper edition resistance band set.

Let’s get down to WODs…

@29.12.2012 i run 18 km. 14 was ok but last 4km i continously feel pain on the side of my knees. I think, i forced to much my knuckles by running with heels. I know that i must run “football-first” technique. It is hard but can be learned.

today (30.12.2012) the WOD is named as “Jack Bauer” it consist of decreasing numbers (21-18-15—3) KB Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (KBSDHP) and increasing numbers KB Swing (3-6-9—21) My score is 13:50. Because of having an injured knee, i didn’t push myself to the my breaking point. I made it slowly, rightly and accurately.

After KBs, i performed biceps curl with kettlebell (4*10) and hammer (with blue ripcord), tricep extension, dips and 75*4 flutter kicks.