Recently, I bought a 24 kg (1.5 pood) kettlebell to enhance the level of independency to the box. Here is what i have :

Z-Bar with olympic load head (exactly for biceps – triceps but it is also good for thruster and can be used for front squat also)
A pair of kettlebel (8kg each)
5kg medicine ball
40 kg total weight plate
24 kg kettlebell
ripcord black sniper edition resistance band set.

Let’s get down to WODs…

@29.12.2012 i run 18 km. 14 was ok but last 4km i continously feel pain on the side of my knees. I think, i forced to much my knuckles by running with heels. I know that i must run “football-first” technique. It is hard but can be learned.

today (30.12.2012) the WOD is named as “Jack Bauer” it consist of decreasing numbers (21-18-15—3) KB Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (KBSDHP) and increasing numbers KB Swing (3-6-9—21) My score is 13:50. Because of having an injured knee, i didn’t push myself to the my breaking point. I made it slowly, rightly and accurately.

After KBs, i performed biceps curl with kettlebell (4*10) and hammer (with blue ripcord), tricep extension, dips and 75*4 flutter kicks.

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