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WOD of 08.12.2012 & 09.12.2012

Yesterday i did a mixed work out. First i did a strength work out by trying to reach my max. at bench press. I did 5 – 5 rep at 80, 3 – 3 rep at 90, 2 – 2 at 95 and finally 1 -1 at 100 kg. I know that it is not impressive 🙂 After strength work out, i performed really tough WOD which i derived a military crossfit site. WOD’s is 5 wallclimb, 10 knees to chest and 15 box jump, 20 min AMRAP. Wallclimb really broke me. It is hard…

Today, at 8 am in the morning, i performed WOD 1500. Here is the WOD:

100 jump rope
10 burpees
10 sit up
10 push up
10 squat
10 pull up (military pull up, instead of regular one)

The result is not bad. 34min 20 sec. After completing this work out, I did 4*10 biceps curl, 4*10 hammer, 4*10 triceps extension and 4*10 triceps hammer with ripcords.

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