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Hi everyone,

In this blog I will try to communicate my crossfit experience, my WOD’s and other stuff about the crossfit. As a first post, I quickly describe who i am and why i create this blog.

I live in Istanbul – Turkey. I am not a licensed bodybuilder or powerlifter. ın fact, I work in financial services group ( no relation with any sportive action:) ) My sports backround goes back approximately ten years ago and consist of chalisthenics and a bit running. Currently, apart from working out and tiring WOD’s, I am trying to enhance and develop my theoretical knowledge about crossfit and human body.

I do crossfit WODs 3 times in a box, 2 times in a military site near my house. ı like deadlift and pull ups and naturally i hate wall-ball and burpees. Running has always been my favorite metcon action. My intention is to keep myself updated regarding the issues about crossfit and transmit my experience to bloggers.

I hope you’ll find it useful. I’d be very happy if i give you inspiration and spark your crossfit fire!


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  1. JC Faraday says:

    Wow you’re amazing. I could never think of myself doing crossfit 3 times in a box.. wow man… you’re my idol… and the site is… wow… I just L-O-V-E it!! I’m thrilled and stunned by the site!! It’s so full of information and tips about crossfit and all those pics and movies!! I just can’t describe my feelings!
    So tell me about the crossfit life in Istanbul, do you have a lot of suitable places for the sport?
    I have one more question, do you ever consider becoming a crossfit pro, I mean like teaching the sport?
    Thanks man again! Hi 5 !!!

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